Does strike (banda) mean Revolution ?

‘Revolution’, exactly what does this word refers to ? I’m slightly confused seeing the steps that have been followed in the name of it in the present context. And the only one alternative way that the people think about it in a simple language is ‘banda‘, ‘strike’…whatever the word may be ! Seeing the present situation of the country, it can be said that ‘banda’ should be celebrated as a ‘public holiday’ and government should announce it as a ‘holiday’ almost every day in a week besides Saturday because mostly there is no any banda activities held on this day only.
Truely speaking, this every day’s unfixed banda have ruined our day to day life. When we wake up in the morning, we are compelled to welcome the day with fear and confusions, either there is banda today or not. Almost every fields are greatly influenced through these unfixed bandas. Like students have always confusion either the schools will open or not. Similarly, the job holders can’t go in their work on time, better to say that none of the areas can work effectively because of it.
In a simple language, it can be said that such unfixed bandas have made our life hell. But it doesn’t mean that I’m against banda, strike, revolution…I appreciate it but my only small comment towards it is that can’t it be done in a systematic way so that it will become effective? So, I think the organizers of these bandas should announce about their program formally through press release or mass media so that everyone can be informed about it on time which may help to create positive attitude towards it.

Returning back to the world history also, it is seen that every democratic nations have enjoyed democracy, independence and sovereignty through the revolution and mass movement as well. So, I agree that it is very much essential if something is going on beyond the tolerance but talking about the today’s condition, this word is being used in a negative sense more, anyone can do banda anytime in any issues in the context of Nepal which is creating negative impacts on the mind of common people as we, people are fed up with all these every day’s strike, banda and many other related terms.
Only the one who does banda are known why they are doing this but I think they should make the public informed if they are doing this on some serious issues, then only everyone will appreciate it and help them as well. Though banda has become the hottest topic in the present Nepal but it still hasn’t become serious issue yet and that’s the biggest tragedy of ours. The word ‘Banda’ has been using as a fashion. So, now the time has come to think seriously, very seriously about it not only by the government, political parties or by people rather everyone should start to think consciously on this topic.
That’s why my suggestion to the banda organizer that ” organize the banda…no matter…but do organize it in such a way that everyone from every field must be compelled to participate in your program in order to make it effective and successful…no matter how long it will take to achieve the goal and bring a real revolution or change”. And my request, “Guys, try to learn something from the Undivided Far western.” Do think about it and I assure you that we all Nepalese are with you to make a unified single Nepal as in the mass movement of 2062/63.

-May 15, 2012


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